“The East” Makes to Choose – Justice or Terror?

Being a movie that’s obligated to disturb your paranoia “The East” is a smart thriller in which it’s complicated to tell the villain from the hero.

That’s especially genuine for the movie’s leading character, a FBI deputy named Sarah, played by the co-author Brit Marling. Sarah processes for a security firm that specializes in corporate spying. Her bitchy chief, Sharon (Patricia Clarkson), provides her with the unprecedented mission: infiltrating a nonconformist environmental gang known thanks to their Internet videos and extreme punishments of the big corporate bosses as “The East”.

The members of “The East” have announced that it has selected four companies as their next targets. The targeted companies either pollute environment or knowingly produce very dangerous, even deadly medications. The company that dreads it might be the next The East’s list has hired Sharon to locate and eliminate the group’s members.

So Sarah goes undercover, hopping trails and else blending against a growing neighborhood of disloyal childish adults whose experiences and knowledge of corporate crimes shock her. She alludes herself toward this background, doing the sort of entities that get her to see things she thought were wrong differently. Go to watch “The East” trailer to find out where Sarah’s decisions will lead her and what will she choose eventually – justice or terror?

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