Runner Runner

Can you run faster, than your fortune?

So, there is a story about a boy of unique abilities, marvelous ambitions and unrivaled genius, who is extremely short on budget and, plainly, is poor. What can be more mundane and more habitual in our modern world? His ambitious and vane genius needs college education, so he desperately looks for any opportunities to make some money. In spite of everything, each and every one of us wants to achieve something to be proud of in our lives. This boy, whose name was Richie (Justin Timberlake), wanted to graduate from the most prestigious math school and become a man, who will worth of his talents. This is a story about a race of a lifetime, about passion, about glory, about failure, about luck. This is the Runner Runner movie.

The race of the Runner-Runner movie begins, when Richie finds himself dragged into the world of online gambling, and since that very split second his life starts to slide fast down the slope. That is when the main action of the Runner-Runner movie essentially begins, where it speeds up. Richie runs, runs like a crazy and he cannot stop. He plays for the highest stakes, regretting for nothing and leaving nothing behind. Richie is losing control and the speed starts to overflow him. He travels to Costa Rica in a wild attempt to face the boss of online gambling, desperately hoping to fight over his business. Given to his experience and position, the above-mentioned titanium (Ben Affleck), validly decides that the competition is senseless and useless, and offers Richie a job he has never dreamed of. For some time, Richie flourishes, his world is Shambhala, came to life, and his every wish comes true with a single wave of his eyelashes. So one might think that the mad race of the Runner-Runner movie has finished, but this is only an impression. Nothing lasts forever, especially when it comes to something pleasant and positive. Richie’s dangerous games with the law begin when the FBI starts chasing him, and then his boss shows his genuine face, proving himself being not as friendly as he seemed to be.

The Runner – Runner movie is an exciting, astounding thriller about passion, inconceivable risk and desperate affairs which dazzle the viewer not only with their recklessness and thoughtlessness, but also with some astonishing jackpot. The Runner-Runner movie is about a passion so ardent, that in the chase for it you might forget of everything. It is about the passion for life, which you will pursuit till … Well, till the same thing would happen with you, which happened to Richie.

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