Most Awaited Hollywood Movies of 2014

So here are we came again with the most anticipated Hollywood movies list of 2014 that you’ll have to watch to entertain on weekends of coming year 2014. As we also give you the movie release date of 2014 so that you can plan accordingly your 2014 schedule for these Hollywood much awaited movies. Summer 2014 already is come with comic book and action fare. The Amazing Spider-Man sequel is set to open May 2. Late June brings Transformers 4, while the untitled X-Men: First Class sequel goes out July 18.

Since it has a year , the majority of release dates announced for 2014 by there franchise. Some of the movie franchises, including Spider-Man, Transformers, James Bond, Planet of the Apes, and Journey to the Center of the Earth, all have sequels coming out in 2014. Superheros will once again back with major sequels on the screen too – with films such as X-Men Origins: Deadpool, Robocop, Captain America, and even Guardians of the Galaxy.