Our march to freedom is irreversible. We must not allow fear to stand in our way.

Probably, there are millions of good people in the world. And all of these people can embody all kinds of piousness. Nelson Mandela, a Nobel laureate and former president of the Republic of South Africa, is considered one of the greatest men in the history of mankind. Why? Because he was not simply a good man. He was a hero. He was strong enough to spend twenty eight years in prison in a desperate and self-sacrificing struggle against apartheid. He was strong enough to lead his people to the most thrilling victory of human history. He was strong a enough to challenge the government, the law, the injustice. He was strong enough to fall and he was strong enough to rise again. The Mandela movie is not a biography or a historical drama. It is praise to person so great, that his greatness is matchless and his grace is indescribable. For he has walked a long walk to freedom.

The Mandela movie reveals a tale of the foremost triumph of this man’s life and the biggest victory of his people. The Mandela movie illustrates, how this hero of democracy and gained worldwide eminence and became a symbol of the struggle against the racial discrimination and its apogee – the apartheid. It was accomplished in May 1994, when he became the first black president of South Africa. But this way was much longer than it might appear, and much harder than one could think. The Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom movie describes Mandela’s trail in revolution, his gradual gaining of power, fame and admiration of thousands of people. It tells the story of how he got in prison for his dreams and aspirations. Fame has made him a genuine legend with a halo of a martyr, who heroically spent dozens of years in the solitary confinement in prison on the Robben Island, where he worked on a limestone quarry and had a right to one visit and one letter for six months. In these inhuman conditions he never lost heart, never asked the minions of the law for mercy, not once. No, Nelson Mandela courageously and fearlessly stood on the protection of his dreams, on the protection of justice, on the protection of equality. He knew that human dignity and power of the human spirit are able to defeat all the conventionalities, any harassments and oppressions, and he has never been wrong. Countless amounts of people followed him and his ideas, the liberation campaign was organized, and the resistance failed.

The Mandela movie is a filmed and taped recognition and gratitude for a man, who should be praised in every language of the planet. Nelson Mandela is a legend, is a leader, is a prophet.


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